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Hello, I'm Jacob. Dedicated to bringing you the very best in carpet and upholstery in the local area by offering the very best equipment, products, training and customer service.

My prices are calculated based upon an hourly rate for my time, equipment and products. Every job and customer is unique so I don't give a flat rate per room or per metre, my advice is that you avoid other companies that do as in my experience they will offer an inferior job or try and increase the price when visiting you. There are many variables for me to determine how long a job will take for example room sizes, access to building, amount of furniture that you want me to move or just how dirty your carpets are. The price I quote is the maximum price you will pay - If I have over quoted and am finished sooner, often I will ask for LESS than the amount quoted over the phone.

The easiest way for me to give an accurate quote is for you to send me some pictures or a video with your description. You can send these via E-mail, SMS or WhatsApp. Other information that I need for an accurate quote include where abouts you are based, type of building (flat, house, bungalow), how close can I park to your door, do I need to go up any stairs to access your property, how dirty is the carpet/upholstery.

If you would like to speak to me, then please call me on my mobile which is 07734 191140. Quotations or advice can be given via SMS or WhatsApp on the same number.

Alternatively you can E-Mail directly using the email address info@premiercarpetcleaning.co.uk.

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We hope you’ve all had a great weekend!

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